Elena Romanova Interior Design Services

So my new website has gone live and here I am writing my first ever blog.

It feels like a new beginning and an opportunity to look back at my journey so far… Where did it all start?

I missed the chance to be born into a family of arts and antiques dealers, furniture restorers or accomplished interior designers.  So I can’t claim that I spent my childhood browsing through antique markets or fabric showrooms or doing my homework in the corner of clients’ living rooms while my mum showed them the latest fabric or wallpaper collections.

What I do remember, though, is spending days on end at builders’ yards and bathrooms and fabric showrooms, going through colour charts and tile selections, renovating yet another characterless or run down property while my friends were out having a good time.  

On graduating from university, I chose to join the corporate world, my only obvious choice at the time.  This started a career that would span two decades … but I still managed renovation projects in the background.

At a certain point, on maternity leave yet in the middle of my most ambitious refurbishment project, I realised that I simply had to pursue my obsession with all things interior design-related.  I'd noticed that I was turning into a “house stalker” - having that urge to peek into every house window to try and get a sense of how people lived and what they did with their spaces.  I talked to my friends for hours about 50 shades of grey and how subtly various shades differ from each other …

Seven years ago I took the plunge.  I earned my qualifications in professional interior design from the National Design Academy, quit the corporate world for good and set up Elena Romanova Interiors.

I did not know what lay ahead (and looking back I realise that this is the best way to be) – I was just so happy to focus full-time on what I loved most!  I was so determined to make a difference to people’s homes, their lives and their well-being. That’s right – I had the ambition of affecting people’s lives and well-being.  Some might doubt whether home decoration has any impact on how people feel but I genuinely believe that a home designed and decorated around your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, and your passions will make a huge difference in how you feel.

I know how exciting and daunting at the same time decorating your space can be… I have been there. I’ve personally agonized over the same decisions my clients have to make so my advice comes from a place combining professional training and my own hard-won experience.

I started this blog to share this experience with you and help you on that journey.  And I also want to show you how enjoyable and fun this journey can be…

Watch this space for lots of decorating tips and trends!  And I would love to hear from you so, please, post any decorating questions you have.